Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration

Recently, the nation has observed a sudden increase in the Covid 19 cases. So has the number of deceased people in the country. With daily cases in Lakhs, the Centre had to come up with ways to battle against the virus. Following this, state governments have also initiated ways like e-Passes for travel. Therefore, you will know about the Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration.

Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration

For many months, the citizens of India were allowed to move freely. They did not have to carry e-Passes with them towards the end of 2022 when we saw a decline in cases. Also, almost all the states started allowing travelers without RT-PCR tests. In fact, the modes of transport were made accessible to everyone without proper test reports. This increased negligence of people and thus, the number of cases started rising again.

By the end of March, we saw cases in Lakhs each day. After that, the Central government, as well as the state governments started taking decisions to safeguard the people of the states. These steps include lockdowns, weekend lockdowns, curfews, and recently, e-Passes. Thus, the Punjab government has also notified the public to carry e-Passes for travel now.

Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration

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Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Online

A few months ago, people were easily traveling to different states and different countries. However, since the time we were hit by the second wave, many countries aren’t allowing Indians to visit them. This is a sensible solution, as this stops the spread to other places or vice-versa. Now, the state governments have notified that except a few, everyone who travels within or inter-state has to carry an e-Pass. The central government has developed a common website for this purpose to share the load. The exempted ones are medical staff personal, bank employees, government employees, media, grocery or other necessary shops, etc.

In addition to this, you must also know that not every person who intends to go out will get the e-Pass. Only the people who have to travel because of some emergency will get the e-Passes from the state government. These emergencies can be weddings, demises, or any other medical emergency. For these, you can either apply on the Central government website or on the website of your state. The Punjab government has developed the Cova app, as well as the cova.punjab.gov.in website. Other states to do so are Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu.

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Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration

Talking about the e-Passes needed to travel in Punjab, the people coming to Punjab from Delhi-NCR won’t be allowed without e-Passes. This e-Pass is majorly for the Delhi travelers coming to Punjab. People willing to travel for necessary work have to register themselves on the website first. This website is registered by the government of Punjab. Especially Delhi people have been asked to do so because of the spread of the virus there and the risk travelers carry. The government has also taken a few precautions with regard to the registration process.

  • Asymptomatic travelers crossing the state border have to isolate themselves for 14 days.
  • During this period, they need to report their status to the authorities by calling 112 or by the Cova App.
  • The state authorities will provide directions to the indicative travelers at the borders.
  • The data of everyone entering the state and staying in isolation will be monitored. In fact, a proper network with the Police will be followed.
  • Lastly, the Police headquarters responsible for keeping track of the people and use specialized methods to approach them.

Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration Process

So far, you have understood the importance and the reasons behind accepting e-Pass. Another important thing is to know how to register on the website, as well as on the Cova App. First, we shall take you through the website registration.

  • Go to the cova.punjab.gov.in.
  • On the homepage, you will have to register yourself.
  • Then, a new page appears with a registration link.
  • Now, you will have a complete page in front that you have to fill in.
  • Apart from the personal information, the other details include the type of travel, travel mode, type of vehicle, passengers, ID details, phone number, district, destination address, current address, date, etc.
  • Once complete, check the information and then submit it.

If you are a Frequent Traveler

  • First, go to the Punjab government e-Pass registration website.
  • Once on the homepage, you will find the Register As A Frequent Traveller link.
  • Now that you visit the link, you have to provide your basic information on the website.
  • This will consist of the name, address, date of birth, ID details, state, a destination address, reasons for travel, category, etc.
  • Next, you have to provide a scanned image of the Identity Documents like ID proof, address proof, and photographs.
  • However, you must remember that this Frequent Traveller e-Pass is only valid till 30 days from the date of registration.

e-Pass Cova App Registration

Now that you have known the process of applying on the website, you should also be knowing the steps to apply on the Cova App. Therefore, here, we shall explain the Punjab Covid 19 e-Pass Cova App Registration process.

  • Go to the Play Store Application on phone.
  • Now, enter Cova App in the search bar.
  • Once you find it, download the app.
  • Then, after installation, you have to opt for Self Registration for Travel into/ through Punjab.
  • Now, the registration form for the same will then appear on the screen.
  • You have to fill in the necessary details and then submit the form.

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Punjab e-Pass Covid 19 Cova App Registration FAQs

What is the website to register for Punjab e-Pass?

The website for Punjab e-Pass registrations online is cova.punjab.gov.in.

Do we have to provide the Destination Address and the Current Address while applying for an e-Pass?

Yes, the person has to enter the destination address, as well as the current address for applying for the e-Pass.

Which other states have started the e-Pass process?

The other states are Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc.

Do the people working with government offices also need an e-Pass?

No, some categories of people are exempted from carrying an e-Pass.

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