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Uttar Pradesh Government E Pass website is rahat.up.nic.in Login E-Pass. Apply Online UP E Pass, rahat.up.nic.in Registration, UP Rahat app download online. Everyone today is suffering because of something or the other. The biggest challenge because of which we all are suffering is the second wave of the pandemic. Due to this, restrictions have been increased, including the e-Passes. Thus, here, we will let you know about the rahat.up.nic.in Login E-Pass.

rahat.up.nic.in Login E-Pass

rahat.up.nic.in Login E-Pass

Recently, UP crossed the mark for daily covid deaths of 350. On Tuesday, there were 352 deaths in the state. This has also increased the daily cases in the state as well. Due to these cases, the Uttar Pradesh government announced a lockdown till 4th May. Then, the government had to increase this lockdown till 6th May 2021. Also, the authorities stated that people have to carry e-Passes for travel now. However, few categories are exempted from this e-Pass. These categories are medical services and related vehicles, industrial activities, e-commerce operators, medical emergency people, post office personnel, people related to government, internet, and electronic services, etc. All others have to have a mandatory e-Pass that too with a specific reason.

UP e-Pass Registration @ Rahat.up.nic.in

With the new rules that the UP government has laid down for the citizens, the government has put in efforts to reduce travel. Now, people cannot travel unnecessarily. Only if there is an important or emergency reason, then only they will be allowed to travel. This comes as a good step because Uttar Pradesh has a huge population and there had to be a control to resist the spread. The State government has mentioned that people who have to travel other than the mentioned needs have to mandatorily carry an e-Pass. Uttar Pradesh Revenue Department presented this notice and the authorities have started following this seriously. Therefore, the normal public is now under restrictions and cannot move freely without need.

Now, in order to apply for these e-passes online, the public needs to have an Aadhaar card or a PAN Card. Also, the people need to have papers related to GST (commercial units). The government has made this process easier. By the latest reports, the current covid cases in the state are 2,72,568 active and 13,798 demises. It can be seen that the state is under critical conditions and at this time, the public has to be very careful of its actions. By following the rules of the government properly, the public can make it easier to fight the battle against Covid 19.

rahat.up.nic.in Login, Registration Online

StateUttar Pradesh
CategoryTravel e-Pass
ReasonTo Resist the Spread
StatusApplicable Now

rahat.up.nic.in e-Pass Apply Online

The orders regarding the lockdown and the requirement of e-Pass have been passed by the higher authorities. Thus, following the orders is now mandatory for the residents. In case of violations of these implied rules, the public may have to face punishments. Moreover, these are only for the safety of the residents and people have to take care of all the safety measures to prevent themselves. The government has been taking important steps that will keep the people safe. Now, it’s on the people. For this, they can start with applying for an e-Pass for necessary travel. You just have to have the Aadhaar Card or PAN card or even the GST papers (commercial units) for rahat.up.nic.in Login E-Pass.

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UP e-Pass Login Apply Online Steps

We would now like to aware all the readers and citizens of Uttar Pradesh who may need to travel because of something emergent of the e-Pass application process. It’s better to understand the steps once before applying online.

  • Go to the e-Pass website, rahat.nic.up.in.
  • Now, move to the e-Pass portal or tab.
  • Once there, you have to go to the Apply e-Pass link.
  • Now, you have to provide the details and the phone number.
  • Then, you’d require an OTP to fill it on the empty spaces.
  • Now, the complete registration form will open that you have to fill in.
  • Check it once and then submit it.
  • Now, once the registration is complete, it is checked and reviewed by the administration.
  • Then, you receive the text of the application on your phone number.
  • Next, the person receives an e-Pass from the sub-divisional magistrate to travel within the district.
  • If he has to travel outside of the district, he receives the e-Pass from Additional District Magistrate.
  • While for the ones traveling outside the state, the District Magistrate provides the e-Pass.

Links on UP e-Pass Login rahat.up.nic.in Registration

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rahat.up.nic.in Login Registration Online E-Pass FAQs

How will the government know that we are traveling outside the state?

This information is provided by you while filling in the application form for the e-Pass. Based on that only, the people receive e-Pass.

Do the people working as medical staff also have to carry an e-Pass?

No, medical staff or HealthLine workers don’t need an e-Pass to travel for work.

Do the commercial units need GST papers to apply for an e-Pass in UP?

yes, the Commercial units need GST papers to apply for an e-Pass in UP.

What is the Uttar Pradesh e-pass apply online website?

The website is rahat.up.nic.in for Uttar Pradesh e-Pass apply online.

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