e-Pass Registration 2021 Application Status All States

Due to rising emergency situations in the country, many state governments have announced lockdowns. Also, they are bringing back the e-Passes to travel. Thus, you can read about the e-Pass Registration 2021 here.

E Pass Registration Form 2021 on, now you can successfully check State wise E Pass Application Status. e-Pass Registration 2021

You must be listening to the news and how the daily toll is increasing. In a scenario like this, it’s important for the government to take steps. Thus, the governments are announcing weekend lockdowns, night curfews, or lockdowns in general. One more such way is restricting travel for the public. This means that the normal public cannot travel without permission. Permission here means getting an e-Pass from the authorities. Different state governments have different websites and apps to apply for an e-Pass.

However, MeitY has developed a website, where people of different states can apply for an e-Pass. This was done to divide the responsibilities. Also, it has made it easier to observe and provide e-Passes to the general public depending on the need to travel. There are certain rules also that the people have to follow in order to travel. e-Pass Registration Application Status

Covid 19 Lockdown e-Pass Registration 2021

Readers, many states like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Delhi, Kerala, etc. have started issuing e-Passes for travel. In Jharkhand, the people applying for an e-Pass have to mention their type of travel, and different color codes are given. In Maharashtra, the Police have restricted unnecessary movement. People will be allowed to travel inter-district or inter-state only in cases of extreme emergency.

No one will be allowed to travel without an e-Pass, no matter the situation is. This, way the authorities are trying everything to keep the spread of the virus in control. Along with the authorities, it is our responsibility to make efforts in the right direction. So, if we just simply follow the rules that the government is laying, we’ll be able to do a lot.

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The people who want to know about the e-Pass must know that people related to essential services are exempted from carrying an e-Pass. These services include police, nurses, food delivery, doctors, government employees, etc. However, other people who have to travel because of cases like marriages, deaths, or any other emergency, have to get an e-Pass. We shall provide you many points that one should remember before applying for an e-Pass.

Also, we shall give the procedure by which one can apply. This makes it important for you to read the post here. You must also keep a note of the fact that the people who will be traveling with private vehicles must have the e-Pass. In many states, the people traveling by trains and flights, don’t have to produce e-Passes. Anyway, during the lockdown, these steps have to be taken for keeping people safe. Covid-19 E Pass Online Form 2021

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We would like to inform all the readers about the process that will help you in registering online. Since the central government has developed a common platform for everyone to apply, it has reduced pressure on the state governments. The work has been divided evenly and it has become easier to manage the applications that the websites receive.

  • Go to website, which is of the central government.
  • You will find a lot of services that are being rendered on the website.
  • Now, before registering for the e-Pass, you have to read all the instructions once.
  • After reading the instructions, scroll down to the application form.
  • This e-Pass is issued from the Office of the District Magistrate.
  • Then, you have to fill in the name, mobile number, the reason for the e-Pass, vehicle no., no. of driving license, travel details that include dates of travel, destination, etc.
  • Furthermore, you have to enter the passenger details, and finally, you have to move to the declaration.
  • Now, enter the captcha code and submit the application form.
  • You will finally receive the details on the mobile number and the email ID. This will be helpful when you travel.

Covid 19 Lockdown e-Pass Application Status

We have so far told you that the public can now apply for the e-Pass during the increasing lockdowns on a common website. This website is developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Now that the government has provided a means of easy registration and application, you can get the process done online. Also, since the government has been taking all the measures it can, it is finally up to us to follow them keep ourselves safe. One of the better ways of doing so is to get e-Passes and travel only when it’s necessary. Once you register, you can check the application status as well. However, you get the e-Pass after some time of applying online.

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Who developed the portal for e-Pass registration?

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has developed the website as a common platform to apply for lockdown e-Passes.

Do people related to essential services also have to apply for e-Passes?

No, people related to essential services don’t have to carry e-Passes for travel.

Are there different websites for the particular states too?

Yes, there are different websites for the particular states too.

Where can people of Jharkhand apply for the e-Pass for travel?

The people of Jharkhand can apply for the e-pass on the Pragyaam app.

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