Tnreginet Registration: IGR Guiding Value, Know Jurisdiction, Apply EC

Tnreginet Registration is basically for the citizens of the TN state by its govt. thus benefiting its people. Hence now even you can apply for availing the services if you are too the state citizen of TN. Updates regarding the registration, Searching the Guide Value . Knowing your Jurisdiction and Applying for EC. Thus all you can do by yourself, just by checking this article. Check TNREGINET Registration Form 2021, Application Form Apply Online, Jurisdiction Check, Apply EC Online.

Tnreginet Registration Form 2021

The The name of the site is IGR that is Inspector Gen. of Registration. This is basically to deliver the basic services to the citizen of the TN state. Services including the online app for land papers, checking its EC, certificates etc.

Name of interested siteIGR
Backed byRegistration Deptt. of Tamil Nadu State.
Available forTN state
Website of IGR
Working no. of IGR044-24640160 Registration 2021

In order to effectively avail the services of firstly you must register yourself at the site. Thus directly check the steps as shown here:
  • Firstly watch Insp. Gen. of Regist. portal.
  • Secondly now at the homepage of IGR itself you can see the “registration” bar.
  • Now you can see from that you must fill with reqd. details like firstly choosing your “Firm Registration”. Hence you can select if you are a citizen or document writer or Advocate or is it for the firm registration etc. Thus you can chose the apt. option.
  • Then rest includes just normal details that you can fill there. After this submit and finally its done.

NOTE: Finally after the Tnreginet Registration is as over now. Then you must thus use any of the available service from IGR. This is must to make sure that your account does not get deactivated under 7 days. Also, make sure that you enjoy the available services once at least in a span of 3 months or else the Inspector general of Registration Site will automatically close your account. And then you have to do the registration once again to start now.

Tnreginet Registration – Logging at IGR Portal:

After registering at the IGR site , now you must be wondering where to login to access all the services thus available to you at IGR site. Thus quickly check it below now:

  • Firstly open the IGR site at
  • Now watch Login portal there.
  • Thus here present the username and password to finally enter.
  • Thus this completes ypu logging into the IGR portal.

Get the Guide Value at Tnreginet:

Please note that the guideline value or the is thus present with the Registrar Officer. Therefore the property’s value or fees has to be paid to the Registrar officer only. Also note that the all the recent guidelines values for the TN state . was last revised in 2017 .In order to get the guideline value at Tnreginet Registration, you must thus copy the given method:

  • Firstly after checking in the IGR site with the site as shown above.
  • Now see the “Guide Search” at the IGR Homepage only.
  • Thus you can start with filling the village and finally the street name along with the one that comes there.
  • Finally you can get the reqd. Guide Search Value at IGR Site. Village Wise Registration Status Check 2021

If you like to know about the village wise the DIG or the SRO or finally the DRO. Thus check Tnreginet Registration at Insp. Gen. resgistration Site.

  • Starting with visiting the IGR Site.
  • Next, now at the centre of home page of Inspector General of Registration site, you will find the “Know your Jurisdiction” bar.
  • Thereafter now you must enter details of either the Street or the Village name to go ahead.
  • Lastly Submit and get your details.

Tnreginet EC Application Form 2021

Encumbrance Certificate is actually the assured cert. of your site you are dealing with is thus completely free form any loan. or any kind of liability. Thus then you can easily buy or resale it ahead.

  • Firstly like always open the Tnreginet site.
  • Secondly now firslty you must sure that you have already done your Tnreginet Registration beforehand. else you can do it checking the article above.
  • Then now you must login first in your IGR account.
  • Then see the option of the “Apply EC” at the bottom of the IGR Site.
  • Next you must fill the form as it comes to get the history of the land you want to buy/ sale etc.

Tnreginet Registration EC Search 2021

Not just applying for EC is allowed at the Tnreginet site, however you can also now search the reqd Encumberance certificate at the same time.

  • Firstly begin with checking the Tnreginet site .
  • In IGR page, get the “Search TNREGINET EC” at top.
  • Finally in next stage, put the nodal officer name, survey details and everything as asked.
  • Finally upon pressing submit you will get the same.

IGR Links For Registration, Login, Status

Directly Search your ECCheck Here
For Tnreginet Registration at IGRRegister Here

IGR Tnreginet Registration Status Check FAQ’s:

Can I get my Marriage certificate too from the IGR?

Yes now you can get it too.

Mail id of the IGR Please?

You can do it on for quick help.

Do I then personally need to visit the office after applying at IGR?

No. Now you don’t have to get to the Registrar office for anything. As all the process will thus happen from here afterwards.

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