Udaariyaan 25 November 2021 Written Update Episode 216 Details

Udaariyaan by Colors TV is one of the most loved television series by the Indian public. The public wishes to know about the upcoming episode beforehand. This talks about the popularity of the show. To help the curious public, we have mentioned the written update of Udaariyaan 25 November 2021 here. You can read it and know what’s about to happen. Check Udaariyan Written Update 25/11/2021 Episode and all related news.

Udaariyaan 25 November 2021 Episode Written Update

Based on Drama and Romance, Udaariyaan has been able to keep the public hooked to it. Now, the public awaits the upcoming episode. For that, people check YouTube and even written episodes on the internet. Colors TV channel telecasts the show and the public can watch it on apps and as well as on the television. Anyone can choose the way as per his convenience. The shows run from Monday to Saturday on Colors.

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Channel numbers vary from one cable or dish operator to the other. Also, the show timing is 7:00 p.m. In this post, we shall tell you about today’s episode of Udaariyaan. To know what’s coming in the show, you can go through the paragraphs below. This will surely help you in getting all the exclusive and essential updates regarding the coming twists. This is kind of a spoiler, but if you are inquisitive, give it a read.

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Written Update on Udaariyaan for Today

Many of you must have already seen the promo to get an idea of today’s episode. But, a promo doesn’t really give as much idea to help the curiosity. Thus, you keep looking for proper updates on YouTube and other websites related to the television shows. In this post, we shall tell you the information on today’s episode. This will basically be the written story. So, if you haven’t found any video update on the episode, you can read the story here. This will surely help the curiosity and you can know what to expect from the episode on TV and apps.

Date of Launch15th March 2021
ProducersRavi Dubey and Sargun Mehta
GenreRomance and Drama
Time7:00 p.m.
ChannelColors TV
Update Date25 November 2021

Udaariyaan Episode 25 November 2021 Update

Today’s episode will start with Fateh crying on screen. Here, Tejo finds a cushion wet and starts worrying about him. Here comes Jasmin who then asks Amrik about Fateh and to find her. Then, he calls her and informs her that Tejo and Fateh arrived home. On asking more, he tells her that he insulted their mother because of her and his duty is to drop her at the college. On this, Jasmin says that Tejo is a smart woman and even though she’s good, she’s not good for Fateh. While Amrik says that she as a person isn’t good for anyone.

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When Jasmin calls Fateh she finds out that Fateh has probably blocked her number. While Fateh drops Tejo at the college they talk where he sees Jasmin. Then, he and Tejo start talking about the play when Jasmin asks Fateh for a talk. Here, Fateh leaves and Jasmin thinks that he has to come to talk to her. While Tejo and Fateh keep going she tells him that she is impressed with him. Then, Fateh tells her that she has the power of making everyone do something. Also, then they reach the cafe and Fateh starts feeling hungry. However, Tejo had already ordered food. When Fateh comes to know this, he says she has ordered his favorite food.

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She also tells Fateh that she has spies in the house and on this, Fateh asks if Mahi told her. Meanwhile, Satti makes a call to Tejo and she informs her that she’s on a dinner with Fateh. Then, Tejo tells him that he never mentioned his Dad’s academy. On this, Fateh says that it’s going in a loss and asks him to be a coach there. She tells him that he is dedicated and he can do well. Also, she boosts him to revamp the academy which will be good for his career.
On the other hand, Jasmin tells her friend to get ready for dinner. Here, Fateh goes on stage to sing and asks someone to accompany him. Then, Jasmin goes to accompany him saying I’ll sing along. This worries Tejo and on completing the song Fateh leaves. Tejo leaves along with him and finds Fateh angry. Then, he tells her that he’s fine. In the end, it can be seen that Tejo suggests he come here some other time.

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Udaariyaan Episode 25 November 2021 Episode Written Updates FAQs

Is the promo for the upcoming episode available?

Yes, the viewers can watch the promo for today’s episode on YouTube or TV.

Is it possible to get the episode update properly?

To get a proper episode update, you can read the written story of today’s episode in the post above.

Can we read the story of 25 November 2021 Udaariyaan?

Yes, if you are interested in knowing the story, go through the paragraphs above.

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  1. guys when will Fateh know the truth behind Jasmine’s activities, just irritated to see Jasmine’s cheap cunning selfish tricks. fateh shd realise his mistake and feel guilty on betraying Tejo.

  2. I think the story is nice but it’s dragging too long . It’s also Tejo and Jasmine wear heavy suits, lengha or sharara to college with full makeup and heavy jewellery like they are going to a wedding. Even when Jasmine meets Fateh, she wears big earrings and I don’t think in India girls who go to college dresses like that. One should dress sober and elegant as both girls are beautiful. It should be reality in their dress sense and simple. Fateh is a very smart looking guy and his acting is brilliant. The story is good and it does happen in true life with sisters. Both the actings of Tejo and Jasmine are very natural and good. I enjoy watching it.

  3. I think jasmin should disappear, from earth. Mentally sick, disturbed trouble maker.

    Leave tejo and fathe to live their lives.

    Jasmin is cunning.

    • Jazmín si so Bad is discussing what she doing to Tejo after everything she did to save her family honor and Fateh family honor too. She has no dignity what a shame. Am so disappointed at Fateh he has no respect and And dignity as well after everything that Jasmin did to him. At their wedding day I still don’t know how can he stand Jasmin. I feel bad for poor Tejo she’s the only innocent one here. I can’t Believe what Fateh is doing to Tejo after they consumed their marriage how can he go to Jasmin. He doesn’t think about Tejo feelings of both families. They going to hate Jasmin more know after hurting Tejo this way she doesn’t deserve this. This is Disgusting and very shameful what Jasmin and Fateh is doing. He doesn’t deserve a nice girl like Tejo. I hope the guy he got jealous from Tejo comes back to the picture. So he realizes he that he really loves Tejo.

    • Jasmine is not a bad woman. She only play her role which entertained u gays. And giving twist in the serial or making u curious about what happened now in the serial
      ……. So guys plzzz stop this non sense. And enjoy ❤ serial thinking by ur self what next
      Be happy live happy 😍😍😍😍🤗🤗


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